Aberdunant Hall Holiday Park & Hotel

Over 19 years, I have been working with this amazing Holiday Park in North Wales. Aberdunant Hall's natural beauty makes it one of the premier holiday destinations in the area.

We truly love working with them and their forward thinking, customer centric approach makes work an absolute joy.

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There is a personal story to this client. Nick's mother bought a caravan at the Holiday Park when he was six. In 2003, Nick approached the directors to see if they wanted a new website, and it's been an incredible journey since then.

Aberdunant Hall Holiday Park is a stunning North Wales location with over 200 acres of woodland. "Peace and Tranquility," says everything about this beautiful place. You can enjoy hotel stays, dine in their restaurant, enjoy lazy afternoons on the Garden Terrace and even buy a Static Caravan of Holiday Lodge. Trust us, the memories you can create here will be ones you will never forget!

Their Brief

As a forward-thinking client, Aberdunant Hall is always looking for ways to improve internal systems and use innovative ways to market itself to its customers.

The brief was simple: "Let's work together and create outstanding marketing that people will love". How amazing is that!

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The Perfect Marketing Mix - Our Solution

Nick has been crucial to this client's marketing output for many years. Throughout his tenure, he has developed their brand, produced consistent marketing communications, and ensured their website attracts the perfect target audience. He has crafted social media plans and organised Google Ads and Facebook Ads to attract new customers and enhance existing relationships. Here's a quick overview of the areas we have covered:

Compelling & Consistent Branding

A great brand is simple. A great brand conveys the ethos of the business and helps visitors quickly get a feel for who they are and what they stand for. Aberdunant Hall's brand, logo, typeface, colour schemes and choice of image all flow to create an experience for the clients they wish to attract.

Lead Generation Website

The website is a sales and marketing beast. Like all of them we build, the website is about the '"law of attraction". You are never overtly sold to, allowing visitors to build trust with the brand before making contact. Be this to sell static caravans for sale in North Wales or restaurant reservations; the entire website is focused on a great customer experience that, in turn, generates sales.

Powerful Social Media

We ensure that the brand is consistent with all Social Media Marketing output. Be that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and adverts across various platforms, the message we drive ensures the brand is recognised and targeted to the right demographic the client wants to attract.

Creative Graphic Design

Be it posters, signs, Point-Of-Sale Material or brochures, we cover all aspects of the clients' Graphic Design requirements. All have been designed to portray brand values and create trust.

Online Application Development

A good CRM will be at the heart of your business operations. There are off-the-shelf platforms, but they never truly perform for a business. We worked with the client to develop a Bespoke CRM that manages Sales, Holidays and Park Management. It is used daily, and we make tweaks and upgrades each year as the business grows. It is an invaluable tool for the company and is used across all departments.

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