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Our creative email marketing agency nurtures leads and elevates the impact of your brand. Get more messages into the right inboxes and increase your website conversion rates.

Email Marketing
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How can Email Marketing can help you?

Simply put, you benefit from Marketing Automation and increased conversions. We make sure your Email Marketing strategy works with your defined target audience and builds trust with your mailing lists to gain high opening and clickthrough rates. Emails allow automated and straightforward communication that works wonders with social media marketing and pay-per-click ads to increase conversion rates and regain lost targets.

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Sales Funnel
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We create perfect Sales Funnels.

You want a mail list of people who are going to buy from you; all we have to do is grow your list and market the right message at the right time. Our Sales Funnels all operate with an email marketing strategy in mind. It is the basis for enhancing your customer experience, building trust, and informing them of the right course of action to buy from you. We use various platforms, including MailChimp and SendInBlue, as these offer funnel management and automated responders. With strategically created triggers, intent-based emails and excellent management, we make the most out of your mailing lists and cleanse them, so they only contain people who want to buy from you.

Email Remarketing
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Your new best friend: Us + Remarketing

Email marketing works best when combined with our social media marketing and pay-per-click campaigns; you gain exceptional results and the most out of your budget. Your website conversions will increase, and so will your sales when you choose us as your marketing agency. You get a dedicated Account Manager, Landing Page Management, Audience Research, Copywriting/Email Creation, Campaign Setup, Management & Optimisation, Conversion Rate Tracking, Google Analytics Management, Reporting and fortnightly meetings. All this starts from just £475 per month. We feel we are the perfect marketing partner for your business, don't you?

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