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Is your website not appearing on search engines? Have you become frustrated with Google and never seem to get any higher in the rankings? We know how to fix all of that and make your website a search superstar!

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Search Engine Optimisation
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Why is SEO important to you?

Organic search offers you a massive potential for inbound enquiries. As a result, Search Engine Optimisation is the cornerstone of the marketing mix. Pay-Per-Click advertising relies on a budget to drive clicks and traffic, whereas organic SEO techniques have long term success. We help you build a presence across hundreds of search terms, not just your primary phrase. The rewards of correctly managed Search Engine Optimisation over the long term are immense. As a result, you should be asking yourself, can you afford not to invest in Search Engine Optimisation?

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We'll make you rank higher.

Here is a powerful statement: we guarantee to rank your website higher. Investing in Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy you need to embrace. It is the foundation for a successful website, ensures visitors see your brand and creates a growing bank of leads. We use proven methods based upon 25 years of extensive research to produce high-impact results.

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We don't just focus on Google

Effective SEO isn't about just ranking great in Google. Yes, over 86% of all searches are via Google, but you cannot ignore the other 14%. We work hard to perform an SEO Audit of your website, conduct keyword research to find new phrases and work with all search engines to drive quality traffic to your site. Bing has always been a major contender, but YouTube is now such an important search engine, these cannot be left behind. It is where we find our search engine gold!

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Search Engine Optimisation: The Process

Is this a black art? Some think so, but over our 25 years of optimising websites, watching Google tweak its algortythm and keeping up with new metrics, we have a tried and tested method of getting your website on page one.

A thorough, technical and in-depth review of your website is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. We'll start here in order to understand how your website is performing and what on-site issues need to be corrected.

We will identify your most profitable keywords and determine the most effective search queries to target your ideal clients using our expertise. These keywords are incorporated into on-page optimisation as part of ongoing content generation, including your blog.

We will analyse your online competitors using the data from our keyword research to determine why they rank where they do and what we need to do to outrank them. We will also use this information in our content creation and link building strategies to further hone your search engine optimisation.

The SEO audit will usually identify a number of technical issues with a website that prevents its optimal performance. There are various issues that can occur, such as slow loading speeds, 404 errors, duplicate content, improper redirects, or other problems. In the technical SEO phase, any serious issues will be addressed before the onsite optimisation process begins..

In the early stages of a SEO campaign, a significant portion of the process revolves around on-page optimisation. As a result of our initial audit and keyword research, all on-page ranking factors, including metadata, code, images, and page load speed, will be optimised.

A well-optimised Google My Business listing is essential for local SEO if your business wants to attract local customers. We can ensure that your online presence shows that you have a reputable and credible company using our services. It will highlight that you are keen to interact with your audience, meet their requirements, and surpass their expectations.

The creation of engaging content that is beneficial to your website’s visitors and Google is vital to the success of your SEO strategy. We’ll make sure your current content is performing as well as it should be and create new pages where needed.

Link building is exceptionally powerful but also challenging get right. Guest blogging and various other tactics are deployed to ensure the links we build aren't just high quality but are relevant and from authoritative websites with a high DA ranking. We are proponents of quality over automated and weak link building.

By fully understanding what led to you receiving a penalty, we will be in a better position to resolve future issues. We’ll then take the essential steps and improvements to help you recover and evade encountering any problems in the future.

By now, you will have worked out we love "big data"! Reporting on our Search Engine Optimisation strategy, our successes, our tweaks and modifications and sometimes our failures is one of the most important parts of the SEO process. You need to be in the loop, understand what we are doing and it also gives us a huge amount of accountability. We send these reports each month so you can always track our progress.

Convinced we can get you high up on search engines?